Offering the same authentic Museum of Nature experience as a visit to the museum, classes will have the opportunity to learn from our knowledgeable and engaging interpreters, to closely examine real scientific specimens and to see some of our unique Canadian national collections. The workshops will be available in classrooms through an easy-to-use high-quality virtual delivery making the Museum’s collections more accessible to Canadian students than ever before. 

The 45-minute curriculum linked workshops focus on geology and mineralogy provide a small group experience that is customized for Grade 3 to 7 students. Our educator will guide students through observations, comparisons, and sorting of real rocks and minerals.

Featuring multiple camera live virtual interpretation and teaching from the Canadian Museum of Nature’s interpreters, your students will enter a high-quality museum learning environment without needing to leave the classroom.

Who: Grade 3 to 7 STEM teachers

Languages: English and French

Price: $150

Dates: Workshops available every Tuesday and Wednesday, starting March 23, 2021

How to book: email us at

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